Nubia's mobile smartphone is a flexible OLED preview of the future

IFA's most interesting prototype this year was Nubia Alpha, an Android device that the company considers as a "portable smartphone." Alpha is trying to achieve one of the dreams of a sustainable gadget. Take the smart device on the screen to the user's wrist. I asked IFA in Berlin last week, which is still in the development stage, but I am convinced that Nubia is ready for commercialization in China by the end of this year. . If the situation goes well, worldwide distribution may happen at about the same time.

The demonstration unit at IFA is behind the glass and has plagued many heads to make Nubia touch the hand. I could put it on my wrist, but I could not close it completely. Therefore, it is a half open position of these pictures. Amazingly, it was as big as Alpha's appearance, so in fact it was very light and could withstand the wrist. I think big watch fans think that this big beast is attractive, but the rest of us should definitely pay attention to the technological progress that it represents.

Alpha's elongated OLED panel is inside the metal bracelet and is in a plastic case with a self-camera. His software at IFA worked only with demo loops showing basic functions such as tracking exercises, accepting calls, controlling music and fun things, Find functions, and so on. My (other) phone. When Samsung is using a folding cell phone later this year, Huawei has entered the same race, but now Nubia 's prototype has a future with a flexible screen closer to …

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Nubia's mobile smartphone is a flexible OLED preview of the future

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