Olympic leader excludes violent electronic sports

Olympic leader excludes violent electronic sports

President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) objected to including violent electronic sports in sports held at the Olympic Games. President Obama told PA when the electronic sports demonstration tournament was held at the Asian Games of 2022. "In the Olympic program, we can not accept games that will encourage violence and discrimination, so we can not accept them.

He certainly knows that Bach is a former Olympic fencing champion and boxing is also an Olympic sports, but he does not think battle sports are different. Admitting that all fighting sports originate in the true fight among people, he insists that "sports is a civilized expression of this theme." The game involved in "killing someone" is clearly irrelevant. An unfriendly reading of his words is that boxing and fencing are familiar and likely to be acceptable while the game is being played from black boxes (of course tastefully decorated with LED lights) Yes. ) It is not that I have participated so far.

If there is no Bach that specifies which online sports to classify in his category "Killer Game" it is difficult to present an objection. The most popular multi-player competition games usually have highly stylized violence, given to mysterious creatures. Valve Dota 2For example, you become Zeus and you can hit an undead zombie …

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Olympic leader excludes violent electronic sports

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