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On demand demand trucking company Convoy, raising $ 185 M with an evaluation of $ 1 B –

Capital G, Alphabet growth arms, It led a tour of $ 185 million to the convoy. First investment in Seattle-based technology and trucking network.

The total amount of the convoy will reach $ 265 million, the company is expected to be 1 billion dollars. New investors T. Rowe Price and Lone Pine Capital participated in fund procurement with existing investors.

Convoy has long been supported by Greylock Partners, who led the startup A series of 2020. Y Combinator He is also a contributor. Y Combinator was an unusual move last year, and the accelerator took capital from the continuity fund and became a phased company's terminal, so we toured the convoy for the first time at $ 62 million.

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, Dropbox Managing Director Drew Houston, Bezos Expeditions Former Starbucks President Howard Beart is also an investor of an evacuation team.

Founded by two former Amazonian Dan Lewis and Grant Goodale, Convoy is about to turn the truck industry into $ 800 billion. It was named "Uber" In the case of a truck, the convoy application connects a carrier to people who need cargo. With new funding, it will spread nationwide and exceed simple cargo comparison.

Convoy chief executive Dan Lewis said, "Trucks are as much as 40% free and they often do not work due to inefficient planning." "The economy, the environment, the profits of telecommunication carriers and telecommunications carriers hurt"

According to GeekWire, the convoy is developing a new set of tools to help work to save time getting tracks. And it concerns shippers to provide access to tracking and pricing data via their platform.

As part of the agreement, Capital G's partner David Lawee is scheduled to participate in Convoy's board of directors.

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On demand demand trucking company Convoy, raising $ 185 M with an evaluation of $ 1 B -

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