OnePlus Z Phone is just teased by company’s Co-Founder

OnePlus Z Phone is just teased by company’s Co-Founder

The expectation is that the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro will receive budget acceptance in the form of the OnePlus Z. And that could happen, according to a new tweet from OnePlus CEO Peter Lau.

The founder and boss of OnePlus tweeted a blue-on-black OnePlus logo and asked the question “who is ready for something new for OnePlus? Given the spate of recent rumors surrounding the OnePlus Z, we suspect he is referring to that upcoming smartphone. Lau has previously posted such tweets for the previous OnePlus phone launches, so this tease adds some weight to the possibility of launching the OnePlus Z soon.

Another possibility is that Lau is teasing a whole new line of OnePlus products, considering the #NewBeginnings hashtag. This could be a new OnePlus TV that could reach the US, the UK, and Europe. Or maybe we will see a new range of accessories for the OnePlus 8 phones that were launched earlier this year.

However, the OnePlus Z (or OnePlus Nord, as some rumors suggest) still seems quite likely. We have seen many recent leaks regarding a cheap OnePlus handset and now seems to be the ideal time for OnePlus to release a cheaper phone.

In the past generations of OnePlus phones, the company has slowly increased the price of its phones. With a starting price of $899, the OnePlus 8 Pro is a true flagship phone with a high-end price tag. But the company was once known for drastically undermining the best phones from for example Samsung, Google, and Apple. Even the OnePlus 8 starts at a fairly expensive $699.

So there is certainly room for OnePlus to add a cheaper handset to the phone lineup in an attempt to challenge the iPhone SE 2020 and upcoming Pixel 4a.

With a rumored price of $499, the OnePlus Z is expected to be a bit more expensive than the previously mentioned affordable handsets. But it’s also expected to offer a decent range of specifications, from a 6.4-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate to multiple rear cameras. This can be a triple camera setup that mixes a 48MP main camera with a 16MP ultra-wide-angle shutter and a 2MP macro lens.

We do expect the OnePlus Z to make a few compromises to keep the price low. In particular, the phone can choose to use a Snapdragon 765G chip instead of a flagship Snapdragon 865 SoC found in high-end Android phones and the OnePlus 8 handsets.

Time will tell if Lau’s tweet is indeed a reference to the OnePlus Z. But anyway, we expect to see a cheaper OnePlus phone debut this year.