Oracle Launches Cloud-Based Transportation And Trade Management

Oracle Launches Cloud-Based Transportation And Trade Management

Yesterday Oracle released a series of updates to its global transportation management and trade management clouds. The updates are aimed at helping companies streamline and simplify compliance with changing global business regulations, as well as speeding the execution of their customers, Oracle said.

The introduction of data in shipping routes and automated event management are key elements of the new features. For example, routing decisions will now take into account factors such as historical traffic patterns, hazardous materials restrictions, and tolls when planning shipments.

The changes made to the transport planning software are designed to improve the execution of outbound orders. In addition, the Oracle Oracle fleet management software will now be integrated with the transport and commerce cloud to provide better visibility of shipment location through automatic event management.

At the same time, the regulatory compliance process benefits from expanded regulatory content, which speeds up filtering and customs declarations. There is also a new graphical diagnostic tool designed to help users find and resolve shipping planning issues in real time. Oracle has also added a more configurable user interface to both cloud platforms.

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