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OS 5: New Notifications Options and “Deliver Quietly” for Apple

OS 5 contains many exciting new features, but one of my favorites (one of the most useful ones) is easy control of notifications. You can swipe from the right to the left of the icon and display the "ellipsis" icon by dragging the face down and accessing the most recent item:

When you touch this icon, you will see two options, "Deliver quietly" and "Disable Apple".

"Tell quietly" is wise. From this application, send alerts directly to both notification centers on your iPhone and the associated iPhone. You can see these items at any time without worrying about you. Into Setting gt; Notification gt; On your iPhone, this is the way to set preferences by choosing "Deliver silently":

IPhone notification settings

In Apple's application My gt; notice gt; "Quietly tell" does it:

Apple notification settings

As you can see, in both cases, "Notification Center" is selected under "Warning". In other words, this application's popup window is not displayed. One screen of the device to see what you have.

if you want To deactivate This can be done at any time by adjusting the above items Setting gt; Notification gt; Your iPhone choice My gt; notice gt; For you. Alternatively, you can slide on the screen to find another notification from this application and then sweep from right to left again. Here, "please send quietly" switches to "please send in a conspicuous manner".

You can also use "Deliver silently" and "Deliver as a priority" when you switch from one item on your iPhone to another Notification Center, but switching from iPhone only affects this device,

iPhone Notification Center Message Option

Anyway, another new option under this ellipsis icon is Disable Apple. This changes the device settings for this application as follows: Without affecting the iPhone:

So it's a quick way to stop harassing completely with boring applications. And you know, I can always call multiple apps that I am concerned about, but I will not publish it.

I say if my application dies too often, I will actively and frequently brand my personal hammer.

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I hope you like the news OS 5: New Notifications Options and “Deliver Quietly” for Apple. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂