Pandora introduces shorter, personalized ad features – News

Pandora Three new features for advertisers were announced, including the ability to dynamically assemble various audio ads for different listeners, the ability to target ads in turn to group them into broader strategies and short ad formats.

Claire Fanning, Vice President of Advertising Strategy at Pandora, e-mailed that the company had announced these features at the same time because "they are cooperating in a very powerful manner" .

For example, she also sends a campaign template indicating how to adapt the ad to include action requests related to the day of the week and listener position, and how to specifically advertise ads for listeners Please, listen to short messages and short messages.

"The advertiser's personalized voice strategy is not only unique for this advertiser but also believes it is unique for each campaign." In some cases it may be best to utilize capacity It is more effective to use 2 or 3 in other cases (short, dynamic, continuous form) – this is actually The Best way to tailor the advertiser's creative strategy and solution or this strategy Supporting solutions "

Pandora dynamic audio

Last year Pandora launched its own music on demand service, but advertising remains the main way the company used to raise the revenue of 72.3 million active listeners. He said that it was the first company that made these functions available on a large scale and tested it already at 20 …

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Pandora introduces shorter, personalized ad features - News

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