Google Pixel 4 Buyers Won’t Get Unlimited Photo Backups

Google skimp on the benefits of Pixel 4, by not adding the usual free feature of Pixel, which includes unlimited backups of photos in full resolution. In addition to not offering free full-quality photo backups, users also do not receive a headset or headset adapter in the box.

This means that the users will not be able to download their photos in the “High Quality” format for free. It’s a compressed version that always looks decent, but it’s not perfect. Users can still download the full version of their photos, but photos will take up space in their Google Cloud storage plans. This is the second Pixel phone not to include functionality beyond Pixel 3a. It was, therefore, more logical that Google does not offer it with the 3a since it was a low-cost midrange phone.

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The Pixel 3 has been launched with unlimited photo backups until 2022. Instead of free photo backups, Google offers people who buy Pixel 4 three free months of Google One, the cloud storage subscription of the society. The free trial includes 100 GB of online storage. Once the trial period is over, it costs $2.79 a month or $27.99 a year.