Political anonymity helps you view both sides of problems splitting online – News

Some tags are politicized, so even if you try to discuss online, there is a conflict between the participants' severe toxicity and disagreement. However, in the new research, exposure to the opinion of others, Less Their political partnership will help us overcome our own prejudice.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, led by sociologist Damon Centola, looked at the people of the opposite parties and examined how the interpretation of data on climate change was often not well understood.

This theory is that by exposing people to information without the affiliation of the party leader, we might be able to break "inferred reasoning" which interprets the data in a prejudicial way.

The data in this case was a NASA survey showing that the level of sea ice decreases, but it was often misinterpreted as suggesting that it is not the case. This misunderstanding is not essentially an all – out faction. 40% of Republicans surveyed and 26% of Democrats adopted the last wrong view.

A graph of NASA used in this study. As you can see, it is not hooked to think that the level of packed ice will go up even if it is wrong.

Thousands of people from both parties recruited from Mechanical Turk asked how much the sea level is rising or falling, and to what extent. After the first speculation, they were able to show how other people responded and later adjust their reactions. Some showed their peers 'answers with their peers' political affiliation and some did not show it.

When a party is not connected to …

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Political anonymity helps you view both sides of problems splitting online - News

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