PS5 Controller Design Revealed In Sony Patent

The Sony PlayStation 5 DualShock controller will look a lot like the DualShock 4 if a new patent is right. Sony has filed a PS5 DualShock controller design at the Japanese Patent Office. The patent is a prototype controller described in a recent article written by The Wired.

The patent highlights a microphone explicitly, but comparison images published online show that there are many subtle design changes between the illustrated controller and the DualShock 4. The controller illustrated in the patent has more massive triggers, slightly smaller sticks, a USB port, and no light bar.

PS5 Controller Design Revealed In Sony Patent

The prototype PS5 controller currently sent to developers is described as “a matte black matte doohickey” that looks a lot like the PS4’s DualShock 4, but Sony has confirmed significant additions.

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A significant enhancement added to the PS5’s controller is the “Adaptive Triggers,” which, according to SIE, can offer various levels of resistance to make gaming mechanisms such as shooting with a bow and arrow (the tension increases when you pull the arrow back) are more realistic.

The PS5 controller, which will charge via USBC, also features haptic feedback, with highly programmable voice coil actuators located in the left and right handles of the pad.