Recognizing that he needed a workshop, he learned the popular idea of ​​Oscar

Academy Arts and Sciences Institute announced today that it will withdraw its decision to include this category in the 91st Academy Awards of 2021, following the cruel response to the introduction of a new "excellent popular film". Further contributions and reviews are awaited in the future.

The issue of "already released movies released" last month and "broad response" are raised, the Academy Accepted in press release Setting a new price a few months before the announcement of 2021 that was scheduled for January is probably not The Best plan. The Board says, "Continue actively participating in discussions and review and pursue additional information on this category". This means that it works on ideas that were supposed to have been done before announcing categories. At first

"In this release, Academy CEO Dawn Hudson said," We are aware of the need to continue discussions with our members, "This year has changed this year as well, and in the past 90 I will evolve while respecting the wonderful heritage of the year. "I did not mention the name of the prominent person film award for a cheerful sub-text. He frequently refers to "a new category of Ocas".

Originally, in recent years, it is considered as a theater to strengthen annual broadcast notes that recorded the idea of ​​"popular movies" …

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Recognizing that he needed a workshop, he learned the popular idea of ​​Oscar

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