Residents Fume As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods

Prior to the Internet era, word-of-mouth information, newspaper articles, physical maps were periodically issued. However, Google Maps, launched in 2005, is constantly updated and distributed to over 1 billion users. Google also delivers map data to thousands of websites and apps, so its impact will be great.

According to comScore, over 63% of people accessing maps on smartphones and tablets used Google Maps, it was 19.4% on the map of Chinese Internet Alibaba, 5.5% on Internet users. Apple's card.

Google says it has created maps from third party data, publishers, satellites, and large users. The user can submit the change. Changes will be reviewed by Google employees. Google spokeswoman refused further comment.

Nevertheless, like Indian entrepreneurs, those submitted by those who have little regional knowledge of the place are former Google Maps employees but have not resigned because they were not allowed to speak publicly . Other users with a history of accurate changes will immediately reflect the update of the map.

As most of the international events that occurred in 2010 caused distortion of the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Google's decision has a major impact.

Theservice also broadcasts the spot name simply confusing. In New York, Vinegar Hill Heights, South Midtown (now NoMad), BoCoCa (between Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens), Rambo (near the bridge of Manhattan Bridge) etc are posted on Google Maps. . .

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