Restructuring of charity for employees from base to summit – News

In the technical worldIt would be easy to assume that the world of high-impact charity donation is a rich male game that is traded with exclusive Black Thai Gala in exceptional work. Both Mark Zuckerberg and Marc Benioff currently donate to SF hospitals. Gordon Moore awarded $ 5 billion, including $ 600 million, to Caltec, then the biggest donation to the university at the time. Of course, Bill Gates has donated 27 billion dollars for all unimaginable reasons (and co-founded The Giving Pledge, a consortium of billionaire who swear most of the net assets to charity).

For Bill, this means that he has about $ 90 billion left.

Because of the average American work, this hand washing world is out of reach by the size as a consultant, a lawyer, a strategist's army accompanying it. It seems to work, you have to do first. very good.

Bright funds are about to change it. Founded in 2012, this SF based founder can democratize concierge services to individuals and give the same efficiency as Bill and Melinda Gates. They do philanthrag activities on what Vanguard and Wealthfront did for retail asset management. Investor.

In particular, according to Bright Fund, 13% of employees are trying to secure funds by making full use of the social merit of donation matching funds provided by over 60% of large enterprises and medium-sized enterprises, but these Company. The need for such services is obvious – these …

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Restructuring of charity for employees from base to summit - News

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