Riders Wonder: With Uber as Plan B from New York, Is There a Plan C?

Brooklyn 's nanny, Nisha James (34), said he felt it was a Manhattan – centered decision, regardless of what the traffic hat meant for other rural athletes. "I do not think they thought of somewhere else," she said. Perhaps the cap added that with Uber 's other runners it would not be possible to get a car by public transport.

In the Bronx, 26-year-old Jeff Gutierrez said he was only able to take Uber on media sales of Bolwood's cable news channel. Uber takes 15 minutes. The bus takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, there are many people, they are not always the re. There is no contest. "We should not pack it like a sardine in the bus," he said. "Uber is very affordable and convenient, so I will never get on the bus or train as long as I work in the city.

Officials of Hubert said they are looking for a driver who already has a driver's license in the city and plans to work for Uber with up to 35,000 potential new drivers . In addition, since the moratorium relates to a new driver rather than a new driver, he wanted to maximize the use of existing vehicles by urging the owner to use other drivers at idle time.

This cap is applied across the city, but the shipping company warns that the number of cars will be reduced, the waiting time will be longer, the price will be higher and the service will be lower. For a limited number of vehicles, too many drivers can stay in Manhattan and find tourists and wealthy business workers. A limited number of yellow taxis are always concentrated in the Manhattan business district but can legally operate anywhere in the city.

Schaller acknowledged this concern, but added that, unlike taxis, passenger cars are equipped with technology that can accurately ascertain where the driver comes from. They will go the re. "Water does not gather at the edge of the lake, but it falls on the lake," he said. "The drivers pay money – and, if money is everywhere in the city, they will walk around the whole city."

All the fans of transport services were not disappointed by the regulations. Siriu Wolf (38), a lawyer who recently moved to the upper and west side, has to rely on road transportation services, but despite having something to do with "horrible" traffic on the streets of New York said. city.

"I think that traffic has to double in the five years I left," she said. "Taxi drivers can live a decent life, they can earn money and learn from Lyft and Uber, but overall they are more expensive as they are regulated. I think that everyone is the way to keep things right.

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