Rogers BlackBerry KEYone Getting Android Oreo Update From August 13th

Rogers BlackBerry KEYone Getting Android Oreo Update

The good news for KEYone owners in the United States is that every time Rogers updates a combined, American carriers follow soon after. If you have a locked KEYone operator in the US, you may receive a notification next week that your device has been upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android 8.0 integrates the image into the image, which allows you to continue watching videos streaming on the phone even when you’re multitasking with an app in the background. Notification points will appear on the house screen an app’s icon with an unread notification, and Autofill will quickly enter your login information to help you quickly open an app. Speaking of apps, Android Instant Apps lets you start using an application with your browser even without installing it on your phone. The update will also allow Rogers subscribers to use Wi-Fi calls on their KEYone. This is useful when users are in an area where Rogers’ cellular signal is mediocre but can connect to a decent Wi-Fi connection.

As usual, when we discuss OTA updates, we recommend two simple things to help you update your phone smoothly and without hassle. Before starting the update process, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi signal and that your batteries are fully charged.

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