Samsung Galaxy S11 Leaks Hints A Larger 20:9 Screen

Samsung’s flagship products of 2020 may have a 20: 9 aspect ratio. This leak comes from an HTML5 test result for a Samsung phone with model number “SM-G416U”. Although we do not know the name of this phone, this model number suggests that it belongs to the Samsung Samsung S series smartphones.

This handset may be S11, S11 Plus, or even S11e. The 20: 9 aspect ratio creates a longer handset and is featured in devices such as the Galaxy A70 and the Galaxy A80. In contrast, the S10 series only had the 19: 9 format. The 20: 9 aspect ratio is not the widest on the market.

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Phones such as Sony’s Xperia 1 and Moto’s One Vision offer an even more full 21: 9 format. Longer aspect ratios provide a more cinematic experience when watching videos, though not all apps fit. Samsung will probably unveil its S11 series in February.