Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leaks suggest the familiar software and UI

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leaks suggest the familiar software and UI

We have seen leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 before because it is probably almost unveiled, but now for the first time, we have seen screenshots of the software of the expected smartwatch.

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Last updated on March 6, 2021 3:49 am

These images come from the YouTube technology channel TechTalks TV, which posted five images on Twitter that are allegedly from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – these images correspond to what we have already seen, but contrary to earlier pictures of the still unreleased smartwatch, the screen is turned on, so that we can view the software.

Well, we would call this a ‘first look’ at the software, but it seems that we have already had a good look at it because the Galaxy Watch 3 seems to use exactly the same construction of Tizen (Samsung’s smartwatch software) as the original Galaxy Watch, and other Samsung smartwatches before it.

The hardware is definitely different from the original Samsung Galaxy Watch, with two crowns on the side instead of buttons, and a much slimmer bezel, but the software is the real focus of this leak. The first shared Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 image shows the main menu, with 10 icons showing different options (which you will probably select with a rotating bezel), and this is exactly the same menu as on the original Galaxy Watch, as you can see in the image at the top of this article, albeit with different apps.

The other pictures show specific menus in the Galaxy Watch 3, and they don’t give much away. Since this main menu is so similar to that of the older watch, it seems Samsung isn’t really looking to change the software much between its smartwatches, as the added home screen functionality would probably be one of the first things it would improve for newer software.

It is of course quite possible that this Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 model is an early version that runs even earlier software, and that when it is released publicly, a new version of Tizen will become available. So we are not going to announce that the smartwatch does not yet have any software changes compared to its predecessor.

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