Samsung Promises Its New Galaxy Note 9’s Battery Won’t Explode Like Note 7

The Galaxy Note 9 that Samsung has just launched has a battery larger than anything available on any other Samsung flagship product. With a capacity of 4,000 mAh, the battery should offer impressive autonomy and excellent battery life is one of the characteristics of Note 9 that Samsung has already mentioned at the launch. But the Galaxy Note 7, which turned out to be an incendiary device two years ago, continues to have a big influence on Samsung because the company had to make it clear that Note 9’s battery would not explode.

In the two years since the catastrophe of Note 7, we have had no similar incidents involving Samsung devices. Yes, smartphone batteries are exploding and catching fire, but Samsung has long since corrected the design mistakes it made when it was put on the market for Note 7 two years ago. This year, Samsung is repeating the same strategy. The note 9 was launched earlier than the model last year because Samsung seeks to put a distance between his new phone and Apple’s iPhone X models. And Note 9 has a huge battery, which could cause concern among customers, given everything that happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

“The Galaxy Note 9’s battery is safer than ever,” said Koh, according to The investor. “Users no longer have to worry about batteries.” And that is probably true because Samsung cannot afford a similar battery safety scandal and has implemented several new policies to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Samsung has proven that the quality of the battery is much more important. All the phones that succeeded the bad note 7, even the special edition Note 7 FE launched last summer, contained safe batteries. On the other hand, the fact that Koh still has to deal with battery safety two years after the note 7 shows just how much this scandal has affected the business. Maybe next year, it will not reassure journalists and consumers that Note batteries do not explode.

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