Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Unveiled By The End Of The Year

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Unveiled By The End Of The Year

Samsung has been running two Unpacked press conferences for two good years each year, but things may change soon as the Korean smartphone maker is preparing to unveil a third flagship phone. That’s the foldable smartphone we’ve heard so much about these last two years. Samsung has continued to postpone the launch of the new innovative handset but has just confirmed that the Galaxy F is coming soon. The company has not revealed the name of its range of foldable smartphones, but recent rumors have claimed that it would call the Galaxy F.

A new report now says that foldable smartphones could arrive even sooner than expected, which means that Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy F in the coming months to win. this “first title of the world” that he desperately wants.

In recent weeks, we have heard that Huawei is partnering with the Chinese BOA manufacturer to try to launch the world’s first folding smartphone before Samsung unveils the Galaxy F. We have also heard that other Chinese manufacturers smartphones, including Xiaomi, work on foldable smartphone designs.

Then the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked press conference arrived, and that’s where Samsung Mobile’s CEO, DJ Koh, told reporters that Samsung still wanted to be the first company in the world. throw a foldable handset. The executive did not propose a launch schedule in interviews following the press event, but we all expect foldable phones to arrive next year.

Now, a Digitimes report Increased competition between Chinese and Korean smartphone manufacturers includes several details about the potential deployment of foldable smartphones. DigiTimes says that foldable smartphones are expected to arrive as early as the second half of 2022, announcing the imminence of announcements. Foldable phones should help smartphone manufacturers to offer consumers new reasons to upgrade their devices, as various companies want to launch such models.

The report notes that of 2022 “will be a turning point for competition between smartphone manufacturers in China and Korea,” apparently suggesting that if foldable smartphones could be unveiled this year, they would not be sold until next year.

DigiTimes says that Samsung and Huawei are designing devices that will fold inward and that companies will launch their phones in many international markets. Xiaomi, meanwhile, makes a device that folds to the outside – that is to say that the flexible screen will stay outside when the handset is folded. The Chinese company will mainly promote foldable smartphones in China.

Under these conditions, it would not be surprising to see Samsung and Huawei unveil their foldable handsets by the end of the year, even if they will not be available to consumers for several weeks or months. And all this will be done to win the title of “world’s first foldable phone” to which every company aspires.

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