Scientist creates roll pad and scroll pad – News

Researchers at Queen's Human Media Lab have made prototypes of touch screens little by little, not smartphones and tablets. This device called MagicScroll employs a cylindrical rolled form factor with a flexible 7.5 inch touch screen housed in a case, inspired by ancient scrolls (papyrus / paper / parchment).

This new form factor created using 3D printing means that you can use the device as an old rolodex (remember these!). (They added one at each end.)

After that, if more information or deeper diving is required, the user can take out the case screen and enlarge the visible landscape of the real estate. The prototype flexible screen has a resolution of 2K. Therefore, more than mid-range mobile phones than the old Retina display of this new-generation iPhone.

Scientists also believe that scroll form factor rolled-up rolls can be placed nicely against the face, thus providing ergonomic options for making real phone calls.

They admit that the prototype is still quite big at this stage, but it is surprisingly retro feeling and it will look like a huge 80's mobile phone. Like the 1984 Classic Motorola 8000X Dynatac.

It is still awkward at this stage of research and development, but the team insists on the following.

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Scientist creates roll pad and scroll pad - News

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