Google Employees Bristle At Censoring Search For China

Google Employees Bristle At Censoring Search For China

San Francisco: There is a report that Google A's search engine corresponding to China's strict censorship rules triggered extensive anger for the corresponding employees by restricting access to workers' project documents.

Google was struggling to stop the leak inside the company and to suppress anger about what was said to be a stealth project before the report released this week by the news website The Intercept.

"Everyone is unable to access the document and it is enabled It is documented by the document. "

"A lot of people, our internal site, the leaders who were afraid of upsetting Google Plus had the silence of the full radio.

Google withdrew its search engine from China 8 years ago for censorship and hacking but now he is tackling the project of the country "Dragonfly" and talked to an employee who covers anonymously to AFP.

According to collaborators, research projects that act as filters to categorize specific tags can be tested on the company network.

Information sources told the AFP, "There are many concerns internally, some people are very angry, we will do it."

This technology giant has been criticized this year by thousands of employees. They signed the petition for a $ 10 million contract with the US military that was not updated.

Google spokesperson did not confirm or deny the existence of this project.

"In China like Google Translate and File-Go, we are supporting a number of mobile applications, including supporting Chinese developers and investing heavily in Chinese companies such as," a spokesperson The man said.

"But I have not commented on speculation about future projects."

According to Bloomberg, Google's efforts announced on Friday include looking for local partners, such as Tencent Holdings, to provide the data center and computing features of services hosted on the Internet cloud.

Google did not respond to the comment request on Friday.

America's Internet Titans has been struggling to do business for a long time in China with a "big firewall" that blocks politically sensitive content like the 1989 Tiananmen Incident.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, the New York Times website is stuffed in China, but Microsoft Bing's search engine will continue to work.

In early 2010, Google stopped the search engine in mainland China after censorship and hacking.

Google hated cyber attacks targeting Chinese human rights activist source code and Gmail accounts.

However, the company still hires 700 employees in three offices in China and is working on other projects.

Efforts to regain China's foothold are made as part of a trade war between the United States and China, and both parties accuse Donald Trump, that Beijing is stealing American technical expertise.

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