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Shocking Apple SCANDAL Unveiled! Wait, False Alarm

Recently, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter are involved in scandals such as wrong news, Russian publicity, censorship. But what about Apple scandals? Via New York Times).

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There is no Apple scandal

Apple has a lot of scandals: BendGate, BatteryGate, "You are just cheating oneself!" But they are not really the same level.

Because Apple is selling phones instead of advertising, we were able to protect ourselves as a protector of all kinds of digital disasters. Privacy advocate, even the problem of your own device is not a problem.

Some people do not like Apple becoming a moral arbitrator. However, in today's world, it is a little refreshing. Google leaders are answering the Senate questions on Chinese censored search engines, but Tim Cook needs to answer questions about how to wear white shoes after work days.

But Apple's message is easy. Payment of hardware and services is a good model that makes security and privacy easier. Of course there are more nuances, but eventually Apple's ecosystem is a safe space for you to relax.

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