Skullcandy aims for quality with two new headsets

Skullcandy aims for quality with two new headsets

Candy skull It was always a strange brand. For the young audience, the headphones always had eerie graphics and low prices. Now, facing some players competition, they decided to strengthen their game in terms of quality and style.

Their two new models V – Noise and Crusher 360 are designed to achieve Bose / B & O / Sony quality while maintaining Beats style. The place is the most interesting thing in pair. These are true noise canceling headphones, the price is only $ 179, which is cheaper than Bose's best product by $ 100.

As the sound quality was, the noise cancellation of the place was excellent. Headphones are built tightly and lastly it is the first time with wireless or wired headphones with two flights in 5 hours. In general, almost all models tested had to charge or replace the battery in about 8 hours. That is a big improvement.

Regarding sound quality, I was very impressed. I heard Skullcandy's model early, so I expected fashionable sounds and low mud. I do not have anyone else. What I had was a real sound without much change or very good noise suppression. In brief, he made exactly what he said in the box.

The bomb is the size of the helmet and case. Most helmets can be folded into small, inconspicuous packages when hanging on the back or sitting on lap. These headphones are offered in a large capacity and flat case. Usually, if you have a small case, this could be a problem …

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Skullcandy aims for quality with two new headsets

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