Skydio R1 self-steering drone is currently $ 1,999

The Skydio R1 drone can catch up with you without requiring a human pilot.

That Skydio R1 It is a standalone drone that automatically tracks you without encountering obstacles using 13 cameras and machine learning. It's cold, is not it? But what is the $ 2,500 price tag? not really.

Skydio lowered the price of R1 drone to $ 1,999. This is still a good part of the change, but with a discount of $ 500, it will be a bit easier to swallow.

Originally, if you paid $ 2,500 for R1, you had an extra battery. It's $ 1,999, there is only one battery and the additional charge is $ 149.

If you do not know what you are splitting Skydio R1 you can check the actual drone on CNET's video review:

Reading: Look at this: Seeing that we test the limits of Skydio R1, self-piloting …

6: 54

Price declines were announced along with other updates from Skydio R1. This includes the new Skydio SDK. This allows developers to add motion commands to the R1 drone and to add new camera modes with different film effects. These hints are actually seen in the video below.

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Skydio R1 self-steering drone is currently $ 1,999

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