Snapchat Is Closer To Delivering The Promised Improvements For Android

When using an innovative and popular messaging application such as Snapchat, The Best way to clear things out is to change the user interface and move to the most popular features. As Snapchat did. Users were so angry at the changes made last year that some of them posted an online petition asking Snapchat to reverse the changes.

Thanks to the hard work of Jane Manchun Wong, a computer science student who goes through the @wongmjane Twitter account (and who has been a source for some of our stories in the past), the previously announced new version of the Android app, called Snapchat Alpha, may soon see the light of day. After Ms. Wong first discovered the new version, an XDA-recognized Android developer named Kieron Quinn activated the application.

As Snapchat has promised, the new version of the app is faster and more fluid. There are also design changes. The friend’s list now has a black navigation bar, and the icons are more polished. The new Snapchat Story Menu looks more like the Instagram Stories menu. There are also some other changes, although all can be reversed when the application is ready to be launched.

XDA has created a video showing how much Snapchat Alpha is faster than the current version of Snapchat. You can check it by tapping the video at the top of this article. If you launch an Android phone and use Snapchat, you are eagerly awaiting the release of the new application.

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