Solo: Star Wars story novel adds a wonderful scene

Solo: Star Wars story novel adds a wonderful scene

Novelty of solo: Star Wars story has many useful additions.

Solo: Although the story of Star Wars is all of Han Solo 's debut, his allies are the true stars of this Nobel prize.

That Films based on books – It will come out in May New hope 10 years ago – is not Epic as well Like other entries in the Space Opera Franchise, this novel can capture a sense of joy while feeling a little big.

This is the result of excellent writing by Marl Rafferty who truly attracts readers for vehicles coming out of the page. Each character has a clear voice, and each situation is clearly expressed. From a certain point of view last year, fans may remember the writer about anthology cinema group.

She breathes the sensation of calm air and surprise and makes me feel the prototype of the character encountered in the original trilogy.

His reaction to seeing the Millennium Falcon that the regular player Lando Calrissian held at this stage is a wonderful moment and we have a better idea of ​​the relationship between Mentor Tobias Beckett and co-pilot Wookiee Chewbacca I'm waiting.

In addition, Young Harrison Ford Instead of Alden Ehrenreich they felt …

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Solo: Star Wars story novel adds a wonderful scene

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