Sony abandons PlayStation 2 from the repair list

By using an integrated DVD player, PS2 helps make the game console the center of show entertainment system.

Sony finally quit the 18 year old PlayStation 2 console. Production was interrupted in 2013, but Sony stopped repairing last week.

The company issued a notice in Japan PS 2 repair site (Google translated version) that "We have completed acceptance of after-sales service."

According to BBC, Sony has started to lose parts necessary for repairing the console. There are still third party services that will help you earn a few years with your vintage unit, but you must necessarily reach them.

Undoubtedly, PS2 is the world's most popular console, with more than 150 million units living on the planet. This announcement was announced after Sony celebrated officially celebrating 500 million PlayStation consoles with translucent screens. Playstation 4 pro limited edition Matching accessories.

Besides nostalgia, Sony is currently confronted with battle of players' dissatisfaction I hesitate to support crossplay It can also be used on other game platforms.

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Sony abandons PlayStation 2 from the repair list

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