Sony invented a new series resistant SD card

Sony invented a new series resistant SD card

Technology is expensive. Yes, as it becomes more common, as demand increases, the gadget will be more affordable. However, if you are investing money in high-tech equipment, you still want to use it with some caution. So I am sad because Sony's new sturdy SD card is designed to resist dust, dirt and water.

Of course, passing the folding test, that worried design will help the user not to split it, but you can do so by removing the data protection lock slider. This map can withstand a fall of up to 5 meters (about 16.4 feet), and it is dustproof and waterproof by IP6X / PX8 evaluation respectively. You can also pass it through an X-ray device and expect your photo to survive with the card.

Besides tough name, the company is fast and has writing speed and reading speed of up to 299 MB / 300 MB / s. Sony also provides additional software to check the state of the SD card so that the card works as expected.

A new Tough card will be available in late October at $ 72 from 32GB. All of these specs are best suited for taking adventurous pictures and surviving from human's most troubling trends. The oretically it can support MRI. On purpose.

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Sony invented a new series resistant SD card

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