Sony Japan, PlayStation 2 repair service terminated in 18 years

The Sony division in Japan stopped repairing the PlayStation 2 console. Kotaku. At the end of June, the company sent a notice of deadline to ask PS2 owner the final repair. Customers had until August 31st to fill out after-sales service requests, but now they are shipping the device (and its defective device) to the PlayStation Clinic repair warehouse by September 7th.

Sony's notice regarding the termination of the Playstation 2 service has been updated to reflect that the application is no longer accepted. Everything is over. From that moment on, PS2 owner in Japan wants to repair the selling video game console in history, you need to look elsewhere.

Kamogami Koichi / Getty Images' Photo

Sony warned that customers who followed the described procedure may not be able to repair due to a reduction in parts inventory owned by the company. PS2 was released in Japan on March 4, 2000 and was released in the United States in October several months later. So, 18 years repair. Sony looks pretty much.

Today, for PS4 owners, there is a sparse list of PS 2 games available on the PlayStation Store (and its PS Now streaming service).

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Sony Japan, PlayStation 2 repair service terminated in 18 years

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