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Star Wars, Resistance Animation series plays Ace pilot, not Jedi

Pilot, also known as Ace, is a star of animated Disney Star Wars Resistance series.

Why is the Jedi Masters fun with Star Wars?

Disney's new animation series Resistance to Star Wars Instead of the usual Jedi and Sis characters the fans most familiar with, the flight skill and the personality of the pilot are shown.

Mechanism of a new series collectively known Team FireballIt has already been introduced. Thanks to the videos released on the YouTube channel of the official Star Wars this week, we have a better overview of the team of elite pilots known as ace.

Ace is wearing colorful clothes and consists of five pilots paired with a droid. They protect the colossus, which is a large supply platform of the ocean planets.

But in the absence of danger, Ace wants to join the action pack race to have a good time and profit. They have a competition to know who is the fastest and in many cases face a new competitor to stop Colossus.

Let's meet Ace. The hype Fazon (Donald Faison) is a thrilling Rodian, but Freya Fenris (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) is a strongly trained pilot.

Griff Halloran (Stephen Stanton) is a fierce fighter of the empire TIE before World War II, and Bo Keevil is an encrypted cascaded team driver. Torra Doza (Myrna Velasco) is a light girl and she wants to make friends while driving while everyone is driving skill.

"It's a driver, a race, a spy, this is sort of what you wanted on a Star Wars TV show," Faison of the video says.

The first one hour series of Star Wars Resistance will be broadcast on October 7 at 10 pm. Data annotation ET / PT <a href = "" = "true" data-component = "linkTracker" …

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Star Wars, Resistance Animation series plays Ace pilot, not Jedi

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