‘Stop Jailing People For Likes And Memes’

‘Stop Jailing People For Likes And Memes’

One of the largest online businesses in Russia is calling for a change in the controversial law that crimes people who like and share "extreme" images and statements on social media.

Mail.ru, which manages email and search services, and the most popular Russian social network, Vkontakte, said in Monday's statement. Prosecutors in many parts of Russia seem to be increasingly increasingly tending to bring people to justice as they love things and re-publishing.

In many cases, the company has no substantial threat, and the authorities' comments and responses to memes are "not legitimate," he said.

Mail.ru is convinced that laws and enforcement practices should be changed and is seeking violations of criminal code and pardon for those already convicted.

Vladimir Putin 's administration seriously crackdown on social media of 2022. Bloggers and popular people introduce laws into social media, especially regarding expression of extremism,

The law also requires social networks to provide authorities with information about users.

Since then, the evidence from social media is increasingly being used against people in Russian Supreme Court expressed concern about the number of litigation against their favorite ones and people like bells on social media It is coming.

According to Vedomosti In the past year, human rights organizations have doubled penalties imposed on social media.

Criticizing Putin is one of the causes that cause problems like women. Was sentenced to 320 hours of community service to republish the portrait of President Vladimir who has a knife on the east map of Ukraine.

But that's not all. Another example is a man who faces a prison to share meme representing Russian Orthodox Governor Kiril and a photo of a toothpaste entitled "To squeeze Russia from myself" and share it for 2 years A luxury watch with a men declared.

In Cheong Wa Dae, a 23-year-old woman, Siberian woman, Maria · Mosunaya, is charged with listening to the story that prosecutors are insulting hatred and religious believers. She is convicted and faces up to 6 years in prison.

Police officers persecute political prisoners and will protect babies sleeping in heaven while police officers share and love their messages on social networks, "a statement in last year that garnered media attention, I am trying to confuse the World Cup final.

At the moment, Russian social media law seems more likely to be nervous rather than relaxed.

Last month, United Russian lawmakers submitted a counterfeit prevention bill to ask social network operators to comment on "inaccurate" users.

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