SurfSafe Offers A Browser-Based Solution For Fake News

SurfSafe Offers A Browser-Based Solution For Fake News

Launched today, SurfSafe is a Chrome browser extension that fights false information by identifying modified images (via Wired).

SurfSafe allows anyone to use their mouse to fly over any image found on the web. It does not matter whether it’s on Facebook, Google or The Mac Observer. The extension, which is unfortunately only on Chrome, instantly checks the photo against face verification websites such as Snopes, as well as more than 100 trusted information sites.

It works by storing a unique digital fingerprint for every photo found on these trusted sites. It also records a signature of every photo you see while you are browsing with the installed extension (this will likely result in a lot of pornography).

When you hover over a photo, SurfSafe analyzes its fingerprint database to see if it has encountered that photo in its original or modified form. You can then mark this photo as propaganda, Photoshopped or misleading. A gap, of course, is that if she has never encountered a photo before, she can not find a match with the database even if she is really wrong. But the more images there are, the better.

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