T-Mobile Cautiously Demands Government Data Demand – News

T Mobile It was revealed that the number of data requests received from the government increased slightly.

A major mobile phone company quietly announced the transparency report on August 14, and it became clear that the number of aggregate data requested in the previous fiscal year increased by 12%.

According to the report, the company responded to 217,377 citations, an increase of 11% compared to 2017. These requests are issued by the Fed and no judicial review is required. The company responded to 55,372 court rulings, increasing a 13% increase and 27,203 obligations by 19%.

However, the number of eavesdropping orders that allows police to listen to calls in real time has halved compared with the previous year.

A T – Mobile spokesperson said that these figures reflect "a typical increase in legal requirements at all levels" and that increase is "consistent with past years."

As a result, more customer requests for data were revealed, but the transparency report does not indicate the number of customers involved.

T-Mobile has 75 million users in the second quarter.

Several technology companies have started publishing the number of customer data requests received by the government since Google's first report in 2010. But in 2013 Edward Snowden announced that the National Security Agency reports that companies are helping to monitor the government.

T-Mobile has become the last big thing …

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T-Mobile Cautiously Demands Government Data Demand - News

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