T-Mobile’s ‘Team of Experts’ Now Offers Dedicated 24 hr Support

'Team of Experts' Now Offers Dedicated 24 hr Support

At its next non-carrier event this morning, T-Mobile detailed its latest move, “Team of Experts,” to evolve customer support. Designed to be good for customers and good for business, the new plan aims to offer 24-hour personalized assistance. T-Mobile also announced new benefits for customers, such as a free year of Pandora Plus and access exclusive to tickets via Live Nation.

In recent years, T-Mobile has continuously launched new initiatives to advance the wireless industry. These include benefits such as free Wi-Fi on Gogo flights, unlimited video streaming via Apple Music, reduced packages for the 55+ customer, free Netflix, and more. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, shared the belief that customer service is the biggest problem in the industry and that it’s the largest non-carrier operation in the industry, said the company.

If you want to keep your first place in wireless customer service, the idea is that T-Mobile will offer all its customers a “rock star” treatment with its new Team of Experts program, which includes the use of professional chat. Apple via iMessage:

  • The end of robots and phone menus – T-Mobile kills the automated phone menu. You will never have to talk to a robot, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or a machine – unless you want it! When you call or send a message, you are directly directed to your team of experts or you can tell your team when to call you.
  • The end of the call center runaround – Traditional call centers randomly point you to representatives who are too specialized to solve a single type of problem and focus on the average processing time (aka the speed at which they can hang up or transfer you). This means that clients are sent from department to department, forced to repeat themselves over and over again. With Team of Experts, you have people dedicated to you and your happiness, and they are highly skilled at dealing with a wide range of tags, sometimes working with specialists including local retail and engineering for solving the most complex problems.
  • The end to be told when and how to get help – Most brands tell you when and how you can reach them. At & T and Verizon, forget calls outside of office hours … they will not resume. The expert team is on your terms – you can call 24/7, schedule a reminder and soon, just ask Alexa or Google for your expert team to call you. In addition, Un-carrier has launched asynchronous messaging for all T-Mobile customers in the T-Mobile and iMessage application. Instead of waiting for a representative, you are in control. Send a message to your team and they will have the right to work on it. But you do not have to wait. Come back whenever it works for you.

In addition to the expert teams deployed today with T-Mobile’s postpaid customers, Pandora Plus is also a free year with exclusive access to tickets for Live Nation concerts and live events.

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