Tech News: Verizon's unappealing Android TV set-top box is finally useful

Verizon launched its own Android TV box back in November, but the device was virtually dead on arrival due to the lack of Netflix support. Ironically, the Verizon Stream TV comes with a Netflix app in advance, although the carrier specifically states in the specifications that the set-top box does not support the streaming service. with a free monthly service and Disney +. There was no support for Amazon Prime and Netflix at the launch. Fast forward three months and the Verizon Stream TV actually turns into a handy set-top box for Android TV.

9to5Google Verizon reports that Amazon Prime Video is now available on the Android TV set-top box. Moreover, Netflix (via AndroidTV_Rumor) now puts Verizon Stream TV on the list of supported devices, so from this week both streaming services should be available on the device.

We still don’t know why Verizon tampered with his own device instead of waiting a few months to launch a much more attractive product. Anyway, if you happen to have one for free, you can finally start using it.