Tesla is open to the public, Erron Musk

Tesla is open to the public, Erron Musk

Tesla will become a public company, said Elon Musk in an article on its website. He attributed this decision to shareowner consciousness. "Although the majority of the shareholders I talked said they would stay in Tesla even when they became private, in a nutshell, the feeling that" I can not do "wrote Musk.

Musk said he was advised about the possibility of becoming private from Silver Lake, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley. He said Tesla's private acquisition process "takes longer than expected and more distracting." This will prevent an increase in production of Model 3, which is part of Musk's plan to make Tesla profitable. Musk also stated in the article that the process of exploring his options is strengthening the belief that "Tesla initiative financing is even more important".

Musk tweeted on 7th August "I was considering making Tesla private for $ 420." Many speculations continued, stock prices fluctuated. Mr. Musk already said that he prefers private companies to public companies more than once. However, the way of privatization was not completely clear. Although it is not clear that musk is structuring such a transaction, he wanted to continue to hold shareholders. According to Mr. His post, one of the motives for Musk's public offering is that institutional investors have "compliance issues" when investing in private companies.

Musk's go private plan has not only amazing results among shareholders, but also has securities …

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Tesla is open to the public, Erron Musk

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