Tesla will remain in a public company – News

Tesla will remain in a public company – News

You are here. Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) announced that it was considering considering making an electric vehicle maker $ 420 per share through less than three weeks after announcing it to the world via Twitter .

Mr. Musk published on Tesla's blog said Friday that he considers Tesla The Best solution to be disclosed after discussing the company's privatization process with talks with shareholders. Musk met with Tesla's board on Thursday and announced his decision. He wrote that the council agreed.

Here are remarks:

Following the feedback I received, it is clear that the majority of Tesla's existing shareholders believe that we are better as listed companies. In addition, many institutional investors explain that there are internal compliance issues that limit the ability to invest in private companies. If we are private, it is not proven that most individual investors own shares. The majority of shareholders said that if I became private it would stay in Tesla, but in a nutshell it was a feeling "I can not do".

I knew that the process of privatization was difficult, but it is obvious that it will be even longer and distracting than originally scheduled. This is a problem as we have to concentrate on developing Model 3 constantly and generate profits. We can not achieve our mission of promoting sustainable energy unless it is financially viable.

I thought that there is more than enough funds to take me …

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Tesla will remain in a public company - News

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