Tesla’s Engineering Chief Returns To Apple

Apple Computer returned Doug Field, who resigned as senior vice president of engineering at Telsa Inc last month, to Apple Inc., Apple told Reuters on Thursday.

This field cooperates with Apple director Bob Mansfield (Bob Mansfield). Field and Mansfield previously cooperated with Apple's Mac computer line engineering. The field spent in Tesla for the past 5 years. In April, General Manager of Eln Musk told the Field to manage its engineering and production with a tweet, said Musk was taking more time in model making.

However, in May, it became clear that the field leaves the automaker that was in a hurry to achieve the model 3 production goal. At the time, Tesla said that the field "It took a while to reload the battery and spend with the family". I have not left Tesla. " Tesla announced in July that the field left Tesla.

Apple does not talk much about the scope of private car projects, but according to the court documents submitted last month, 5,000 people were allowed access to project information.

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