Texas and New York City cut down prisoner's phone fee

Texas and New York City cut down prisoner's phone fee

For several years, detainees argued that phone charges from prisons and prisons are too high and that inmates' families paid bills. The FCC has adopted the global capitalization rate under the Obama administration, but the agents in the cards era refused to protect the ceiling of the court and were invalidated. As a result, it was frustrating for those advocating $ 1 billion industry regulation.

However, signs of isolated change were seen in August. Earlier this month, New York City released all prison calls and became the first major city to do so. The president of the city council said in a statement, "New York City is benefiting from New York City among the poor and the most vulnerable people."

More news has arrived than last week. The Texas state prison system agreed to lower the calling rate from 26 cents per minute to 6 cents per minute to below the FCC limit. Houston Chronicle The 15-minute call that used to be $ 3.90 before is now costing 90 cents.

Still, changes in cities and provinces are noteworthy, but far from the regulations that detainee advocates wanted under FCC Obama. of 2022, the FCC adopted the ceiling by voting by the chairman of the Democratic Party. At that time the FCC president Ajit Pai (then chairman) was contrary to the rule at the time. And decided to abandon the court battle after Trump appointed. There was no sign of recovery of behavior.

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Texas and New York City cut down prisoner's phone fee

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