The Apple 1 work computer can be sold at supermarket price

This running Apple-1 system is scheduled for an auction exceeding $ 300,000.

Another rare original Apple computer arrived at the auction. Hardware is not phenomenal by today's standards, but it is expected to reach nearly the same price as the new Supercar.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak produced about 200 Apple-1 computers in the mid 1970's, of which about 60 still exist. Sometimes Sell ​​on auction We manage selling at a price that makes it easy to buy a house in most places.

The RR auction hopes to sell over $ 300,000 (about 233,553 pounds, 409,500 Australian dollars) and is preparing a bid for the second half's "Byte Shop" type Apple-1 model. That's pretty much the same, you can expect fast and sexy money of 2021 Aston Martin DBS Super RegaleAmong many other wonderful things.

Apple-1 Byte Shop comes from a batch of 50 computers manufactured by Jobs and Wozniak exclusively for Byte Shop in Mountain View, California, one of the world's first personal computer stores.

A lot of auctions carry not only the motherboard but also the original manual, the monitor and the keyboard.

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The Apple 1 work computer can be sold at supermarket price

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