The first photo of Captain Marvel shows MCU's female superheroes

Briley Larson has made sure that we all know that it will happen last night, but yet we were not ready for the first view of the hero Captain Marvel, Thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Until now, there are few officially known about films, now little known, but we do not really reduce hype.


Captain Marvel Next year, I conclude that I am waiting for the longest time in the MCU movie on the international women's day opportunity of March 8. The movie is first directed by wonder movie universe 21st and universe ladies and we are here for that.

Larson knows to play Carroll Danvers. Carroll Danvers is an air force pilot who will meet with overseas clay · lea and become a super hero. Her powers include flight, super strength, ability to absorb and use energy (meaning energy shots and meaning that laser can be shot by hand).

Jude Law (left) directs the elite army team Danvers fighting Starforce.

The main opponent of Captain Marvel is Skrull and Ben Mendelsohn leads the Earth's invasion by Skrull as their leader Talos (left).

Now, thanks to EW, we know more about the beginning of the movie and what we see. "Captain Marvel avoids traditional origin, and when it begins, Carol already has his power," Devan Coogan wrote.

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The first photo of Captain Marvel shows MCU's female superheroes

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