The latest version of Skype now includes call recording.

Skype is now available in the latest version of the application on most platforms, with the exception of Windows 10. C & # 39; is the first time that Skype has been offering call recording since that release nearly 15 years ago .

If you record record on the bottom of the screen and select "Start Recording". Once launched, a banner will appear to to allow all participants of the Skype call to know that it is registered. It is then posted to your chat and will be available for download and sharing with other Skype contacts for 30 days.

To save a recorded call to the desktop, press the three-dot icon in your news group, then more options, and then Save to downloads.

Skype call recording is now available on all supported platforms except Windows 10. Skype indication that call recording will be available in Windows 10 in the next few weeks.

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The latest version of Skype now includes call recording.
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