The line mail application is headed for a cryptic piracy epidemic

Linefriends shop in Harajuku-ku.

There is already an encryption currency based on celebrities and associates. The next step is a cute bear, a rabbit, a duck.

Popular Japanese e-mail application called Line feeds on crypt intrusions.

Line friends

Cute and cryptic.

The line announced in September announced that it will start encryption. The company distributes virtual coins called links as rewards for use of line services and applications hosted in e-mail applications. Users can use the link to pay for the goods and services offered by the application on the platform.

"The development of cryptographic and block chain technologies has accelerated and a wide range of choices for new types of business is born. In response to this trend, the line decided to start its own encryption and block chain network." And Youngsu Ko Line Tech Plus Issuer of the link in a statement by e-mail. "The line will be a pioneer in the field of block encryption / encryption, taking the position as a global mobile platform, and it will be a listed company taking the initiative with the initial encryption".

This is the only time that Bitcoin has suddenly increased last year, so I missed the trend of encryption. Encryption currency and block chain hype is all …

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The line mail application is headed for a cryptic piracy epidemic

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