The Samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip variant to cost $5,000! Here’s why

The Samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip variant to cost $5,000! Here’s why

“The variety is really a sleeve for the upcoming phone, and it is decorated in 24-KARAT gold.”

With the Samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, it is not officially announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped case makers from going bonkers over it. While we’re sure to see a number of interesting themes and images in the cases with the samsung Galaxy Z, is to Flip it once it’s started, was a Russian jeweller, has already hit the ball out of the park with the unveiling of a rather blingy, the villains version of the phone. The device will officially be called Caviar of the Samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, the Joker & Harley Quinn, and the hotel features a 24-karat gold encasing for the phone, with two of Themes raised in either half of the Galaxy, Z is the Flip – the Joker and Harley Quinn, as the name suggests.

Or does it seem stylish to you, it would be entirely in accordance with your taste and style, but what we can say for sure is that it will be a great improvement compared to what the Caviar is usually to be done. Russian jewelry brand, is usually produced in rather garish mods, of popular smart phones, such as many of Apple’s iPhones. There is, however, not to say that the improvement in the price of this thing. While the standard samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, the prize will be known as Samsung has launched the device on the 11th of February, the Caviar’s edition will cost you up to $5,210 (~Rs 3,72,000).

To maintain a high and exclusive Caviar’s villain-themed, gold-encrusted version of the samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, it has no more than 54 units, of which has ever been made, so if this is your kind of modding, just go ahead and buy it for the co-rich popped up. With the Samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, is expected to be quite expensive in itself, and if he is on the phone, it will come out as Samsung’s second generation of the effort behind the making of a folding phone which is the Samsung will be hoping not to fall into any controversy.

With a base of the season and in the future for the fancy, expensive smart phones, it remains to be seen what other brands will do Roe provide the on the top of the gold treatment. With the samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, likely to be followed by the gold of the cases for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20, so if you have to miss out on this one, don’t worry.