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The world’s first smartphone with 10GB of RAM is about to launch

Android smartphones have a large amount of RAM, and main products with 4 to 8 GB of memory are loaded. The more RAM on the phone, the more applications it manages, and saw it earlier this year. From various comparisons for the Best Android phone and iPhone X, it became clear that the more mobile phones are loaded in RAM, the more likely the iPhone will win certain speed tests. And Chinese smartphone maker Oppo seems to think that it needs more than 8GB on smartphone.

This seems to be exaggerated for mobile devices. But again, it was the same as 8 GB that was not so earlier.

The first phone with 10 GB of RAM will be a variant of Oppo Find X, a phone similar to the Galaxy S 9 that was launched without a notch earlier this year. This is a phone with slide self-camera.

A list of the above Find X models, TENAA, Chinese Telecommunications Regulators, Gizmo China Report. The list was the re, but it was updated to the Find X PAFM00 model number. Only RAM is changed, all others remain the same.

It is unclear when the phone will be released or available in other markets, but it is expected to pay a lot of money for this extra memory. Gizmo China The price of the mobile phone is estimated at 7,999 yuan (1,163 US dollars).

Although Find X is probably the world's first smartphone with 10 GB of RAM, similar devices may be created on other devices. Earlier this year, Asus revealed that he wanted to make the 10 GB version of the first game phone "ROG Phone". The street words is that Asus did not do it because there was not enough space to hold the extra RAM.

Image Source: Oppo


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