These college graduates have raised the most VCs in the past year – news

Regardless of the criteria we are seeing, the same name is on the list even in a school where the number of capitalists is the largest and the total fund raised is the highest, even if a beginner investor enters the university. The only surprise factor is whether Harvard or Stanford is taking the initiative.

It is possible to create a data driven college and startup ranking that does not include the same two schools in the first two positions. But this is not happening today. Because we are looking at the university of the former foundation that has raised the most risky funds.1

So who is on the list?

Fortunately, the list has more than two names. In this questionnaire last year I looked up the top 15 schools ranked among alumni who had the highest risk funds for startup.

This is the continuation of the previous article ranking US universities in the number of founders who founded more than $ 1 million during the investigation period. However, the results show most of the same name and a slightly modified order.

Please look down. This table includes the name of the school, the sum of known venture capital funds collected by the original founder since 1 August 2017, and the most financed enterprises.


As a result of the investigation, we have university and …

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These college graduates have raised the most VCs in the past year - news

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