This is not your father's Microsoft

6 days later In July, Satya Nadella, which shares the interests of Wall Street and Microsoft, does not listen to more than 23,500 employees who are participating in the 3-day hacker owned by the company at Redmond headquarters where the company works . State of Washington.

The team shows him digital tattoos made of gold sheet and equipped with sensors. Apply these garments to your skin and turn on the lights in your home with a single click or play songs on your digital piano. Another team told him about the function of the AI ​​See App to use the cell phone camera as an optical character recognition device, voice menu, and other text that enables the visually impaired to play video games The re. .

Hackathon of 2021 follows a group while he strolls between a laptop, solder iron, shining water sky canister Talking Rain (Microsoft customer) and a silver toy robot with a 3 inch height table. Music festival. "He is taller than I thought," they say. "Does he think he will take a picture of us?" Ask another person

Nadella imagined Microsoft Hackathon.The world's largest private HackassonOnly a few of the thousands of projects launched in the last five years have affected consumer products. Many of these ideas are not like commercial technologies Microsoft is doing. At least not today.

This conference has a different purpose, so this is a very good thing for Nadella.

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This is not your father's Microsoft

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