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Today in Apple hi: iPod nano gets colorful aluminum upgrade

September 25, 2006: Apple offers the 2nd generation iPod nano. It offers original new design in pocket size.

Improvements in the new iPod nano include thinner anodized aluminum cases, brighter displays, longer battery life, wide color gamut, and more. And, yes, this also includes beginner music playback!

iPod has many options

The product line of today's iPod seems not to be like the rest. (Apple abandoned iPod nano on 27th July 2017 and said it was not interested). But in 2006, Apple's products were not burning hot. Without the iPhone on the horizon, the iPod made it possible for Apple to reach new heights in terms of popularity and value.

IPod nano announced in September 2005 replaced iPod mini like a micro device at the time. In the 2nd generation model, Apple has attached a scratch-resistant aluminum plastic case.

The original model was available in black or white only, but six colors are available in the suite. This includes black, green, blue, silver, pink (limited edition of iPod nano (product) red, with support of U2 singer Bono).

New specifications for iPod nano

In addition, the 2nd generation iPod nano has increased the storage capacity including the 8GB option in addition to the original 2GB and 4GB models. In line with Apple's environment-oriented (Steve Jobs was less prominent than Tim Cook), Apple said packaging is 52% lighter and 32% lighter than the first generation.

With the increase in storage options, the battery life has been extended from 14 hours to 24 hours, adding a new search option in the user interface, unlimited reading, and an impressive screen of 40% compared to the predecessor.

In some ways, 2006 was the top of the iPod. The following year, at the release of the 3rd generation, Apple stopped the product line with the iPhone. As the iPod continued to upgrade and variant, Apple attracted attention.

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