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Touch-based blood pressure ings via iPhone and Apple might one day be a thing

This comment is positive to Apple's new Apple model presentation last week, which includes a new hygiene function that can save lives. Analyst Ben Thompson, in his edition of the day strategy In the newsletter, it says that Apple shows us by product innovation such as "Medieval is not so bad". A new feature of getting an electrocardiogram is that you can show people how Apple is starting to look like "a really high-tech company you care about".

Apple has permission to use this product from the FDA for this purpose. But, Wall Street newspaper On the weekend, blood pressure may rise due to an easier process for Apple and iPhone users.

Researchers at the State University of Michigan developed a proof-of-concept iPhone application to measure blood pressure using the 3D touch "peak and pop" function of the screen.

Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Michigan, of 2020 WSJAbout 3 billion people own a smartphone. Many of them add "He is hypertensive, I do not know it."

According to the newspaper, the group he recently directed created a way to take blood pressure by telephone, using the same principle as the blood pressure cuff to change the pressure of the arm. In a study published in March, we used a modified smartphone case with two sensors, one measuring the blood volume and one measuring the applied pressure. Users constantly touched folders to get information It was pushed with. It.

But in this month's study, Dr. Mukkamala's research has shown that the same method of long press can be applied to sensors embedded in mobile phones that help users to take self and provide 3D touch. "This group has developed an iPhone application that guides the placement of fingertips and calculates blood pressure," WSJ says. Dr. Mukkamala said that comparing the blood pressure cuff up to now and the conventional blood pressure cuff, the accuracy was inferior to the cuff, but FDA approved to measure blood pressure of the arm, mainly It is a study up to.

Dr. Mukkamala hopes to sell tactile blood pressure application …


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