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Trump tariffs are about to hit Apple fans where it hurts

President Cardin ordered tariffs yesterday, with $ 200 million of Chinese products. After offering these products a couple of weeks ago, Apple warned that it probably increased the cost of many products.

The list of affected devices includes some of the most popular Apple products.

US Treasury Secretary is trying to get China to accept new trade negotiations to end the growing trade war. Nonetheless, according to Bloomberg, the trump ordered quietly the new rate yesterday.

Tramplate raises the price of Apple products

Last week, Apple sent a letter to the US trade delegation Apple, AirPod, HomePod, Mac mini, Apple Pencil will be affected by the tramplate that was available at the time. The company wanted these products to bring higher prices for consumers.

But Apple's main seller You can connect to a terminal such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook.

CEO Tim Cook and Apple's management team have agreed with Trump's goal of preventing Chinese companies from stealing intellectual property of US companies, but do not agree to his method. It is difficult to see how tariffs hurting US companies and consumers in the US will progress the government goals of China's technology policy, "Apple said in a letter.

When these latest playing card fee tables come into effect, it is not known when the price of Apple products will rise.

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